About Chiropractic

Cox Chiropractic AdjustmentThe Chiropractic approach focuses on maximizing your bodies ability to function through the proper alignment of the spine. This alignment is often called an adjustment or manipulation and is performed through manually moving the spinal verterbrae of your spine beyond their nomal range of motion. Often times an audible or “pop” accompanies these adjustments. These beliefs and techniques are referenced back through the centuries and in 1895 a gentleman named D.D. Palmer was able to direct more attention to this type of practice and called it Chiropractic.

Today, most of us find Chiropractic care helpful in the treatment and management of headaches, lower back and neck pain along with a variety of other neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries. However, with this success those original principles established by DD Palmer have been placed aside and compromised. This may be the result of the insurance industry requiring that all health care providers follow what they consider acceptable practice parameters. This often leaves little opportunity for the discussion and/or education on Chiropractic philosophies.

Your Chiropractor more then likely will utilize manual adjustments or manipulations of the spine which can often be accompanied by some form of therapy. Manipulative techniques may vary from practitioner to practitioner as finesse, skill and even philosophy often are contributing factors regarding techniques implimented within their practice.

I often have to remind new patients not familiar with Chiropractic, that as a Chiropractor, I am not licensed to prescribe any medicines. If I feel a patient’s condition or symptoms warrants the consult of another medical specialist, I will refer that individual to the appropriate health care provider.