Meet the Doctor

Dr. Steve Cox

I have been a practicing Chiropractic in the Brandon, Riverview and Tampa area since 1985. My values, personality and direction in life are the result of my desire to educate and help others.  There’s no better reward then having those patients who have had a long history of neck and/or back pain respond favorably to Chiropractic care.   I am further rewarded by their expression of appreciation and thanks through their referrals of family members and/or friends for Chiropractic care. 

It has taken me some time to formulate my own ideas and beliefs regarding my this profession.  Especially a profession that has a history of controversy.  Considering this, every patient’s needs are different and often times their condition and/or symptoms do not fit the “cookie cutter” treatment protocol.   Past history, present lifestyle choices and even genetics play a role in the patient’s capability to respond to Chiropractic care effectively and in a timely manner    I never attempt to explain Chiropractic to my patients in a manner that is confusing or that is wrapped around some archaic Chiropractic philosophy.    Patients deserve a more progressive approach to their symptoms in order to implement the most effective procedures and treatment plan that is available today.