Diet & Exercise

Diet and ExerciseNo doubt about it, if you want to maintain a pain-free lifestyle, regular exercise(3 times per week) is the common denominator for a healthier you. I am 100% convinced that prolong inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle is the primary cause of my patient’s complaints of neck and back pain.  National data provided from the Weight-Contol Information Network reveals sixty percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese.  This is the result of an unwillingness to educate ourselves on better diet choices and the failure to participate in regular exercise.  Having a better understanding on the “hows” of body metabolism(food for energy) and a desire to implement a regular effective exercise program, are the key components to a healthier you.

Unfortunately, the majority of my patients are employed to sit in front of a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day.  This type of work environment promotes bad posture, spinal fixations, inflammation and degenerative processes.  Combine this with our unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, poor diet choices and failure to exercise regularly, it’s no surprise Americans prevail in CHRONIC DEBILITATING DISEASES

It is my goal to provide you and your family with the most up to date diets and exercises available.  With these tools your more likey to manage your choices accompanied by regular Chiropractic care, in order for you to make educated choices to allow you to make healthier choices and maintain a level of functional capacity that can be benefical to your specific lifestyle.


Mattresses vary in support.  Take into consideration your height and weight.  A 300 pound person needs  more support then a 150 pound person.   If you prefer the traditional Coil Spring Mattress, do some research on the number and size of the spings in the mattress your interested in.  If you favor the Memory Foam Mattresses, consider that the foam varies in the depth and density.  I prefer the Adjustable Air Mattresses as they provide a variety of consumer friendly options for support and comfort and cost about the same of other high end mattresses. 

Work Environments

If your work environment requires  prolonged sitting, take the time to research the ergonomics of your desk chair and computer terminal height.  As ergonomic reviews provided by your employer often fall short in considering the many variables each of us have regarding posture and spinal mechanics.